Change From the Inside Out


Life is divine chaos. Embrace it. Forgive yourself. Breathe. Enjoy the ride. Solbeam

Imagine being truly happy, inside and out. Why not?

Imagine being completely at peace with yourself and the world. Why not?

Imagine living a life that matches your highest vision. Why not?

Imagine changing destructive habits with ease and replacing them with life affirming activities that fill your life with meaning. Why not?

We ALL live in the middle of change. Some change flows easily, like a sudden opportunity or a new relationship, and some change is traumatic like a sudden separation, termination, or diagnosis. Either way, the quality of your life is in large part determined by your ability to stay present to change, grow with it, and imagine life beyond the crisis. If you can stay with it, without shrinking back, then change always bring gifts.

I recently gave a 9 week class on mastering change. It includes topics such as awareness, acceptance, perseverance and responsibility. Each class includes exercises, affirmations, visualizations and meditations to become a master of change. At the bottom of this article, there are some testimonials from people who took the live class. Now that the live class is finished, anyone can download the whole course at any time.

Click here now to find out more about how to manage change in the most skillful way possible. Whether its personal changes like relationship or career changes, a change in direction, or a desire to be a more effective change agent in communities, organizations or the world at large, this course will help you tap into your own intuitive wisdom. You will learn the truth of the serenity prayer, discerning what you can change, what you must accept  (for now) and  you will gain the wisdom to know the difference.

This course is practically oriented. You will have opportunity to reflect on your own life situations and apply wisdom from all the great change agents of history. The bottom line is that you will rediscover your own intuitive ability to change, and change well.

It IS possible to develop inner peace while so much is changing inside and out and it CAN happen rapidly.

You CAN change the auto responder on any habits you want to and you can do it NOW. Turn a habit into a choice by bathing it in the light of awareness, revealing its hollow satisfaction for what it is, focusing on your positive hopes and moving from surviving to thriving.

The course describes the powerful combination of;

WILL POWER, self control

STILL POWER, self awareness


THRILL POWER, self motivation.

Will power, still power and thrill power combine when what you want matches who you are, when your efforts match your enthusiasm and you attract all the resources and support you need to create effortless change. You are centered. You are strong. You are motivated.

You can create amazing change in your life with a combination of will power, still power and thrill power. You may come unstuck if you leave out any of these three pieces in your change management. The Masters of Change course will show you to keep the three of them together, how to make a huge difference in your life and have fun doing it.

Click here to read more. ( )

Bring challenges and habits to the class that you want to change. The audio will guide you through a nine step process, an expanded form of the AAA approach to change: awareness, acceptance and action. You can download the class now and listen to the classes when it suits you.

Become a master at change. Enjoy effortless flow in your life. Rediscover your own intuitive ability to change, and change well. Find out more at this link.

Some Testimonials from Those Who Took the Live Class

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating such an amazing course:  Masters of Change.  Words don’t seem to even begin to express how grateful I am to have “stumbled” across en and discovered your course at exactly the right time.  Initially, my hope was to “fix” some things in my life; now I realize I am on a wonderful journey of awareness arising.  Stephanie

Thank you for the superb classes in the Masters of Change series.  I’ve learned and grown so much thanks to your input, the comments of others and the process I’ve been engaged in over the last nine weeks.  Geoff

I have been downloading the Mp3′s and listening after the fact. I have to say that it has me thinking about a lot of things. Change has always been a sticking point for me, but as I have gotten older I have to come to appreciate more and more the wisdom in that the only constant factor in all our lives is change. Belinda

I’m deeply grateful for you including me in your Masters of Change program. I’ve been listening to the course and all the sessions have given me great comfort in a difficult time. Carolyn

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