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Christ and the Multiverse

Following Jesus in Our Wild, Infinite Creation

How can we possibly find our purpose if everything that can happen does happen? See how Jesus is more relevant than ever in the dizzying, infinite multiverse.

As cutting edge physics increasingly suggests that we may live in a multiverse filled with alternative realities, what possible relevance can Jesus have for our lives? Discover how faith is vitally necessary for the integrity of our souls in this new vision of God’s glorious, endless creation.

Theologian, pastor, and critically acclaimed science fiction author David Williams leads us on a journey through this complex and mind bending topic with grace and humor.

Christ and the Multiverse shows the growth of human knowledge brought us to the realization that there could be countless alternative realities. In the face of that dizzying possibility, the book lays out how this cosmology connects with the Gospel. Deeper still, it shows how the moral teachings of Jesus are even more critically relevant.

As you read, you’ll discover:
A concise, gently funny journey through the history of how we understand creation;
The amazing ways multiverse cosmologies make centuries old Christian squabbling about theology irrelevant;
Why the multiverse not only doesn’t eliminate the need for God, but makes God necessary;
How to make moral, Christ-centered, lifegiving choices in a creation where outcomes are probabilities rather than certainties.

Christ and the Multiverse gives all of us a way to engage what physics implies about creation while holding on to the heart of faith. If you find the interplay between science and faith both hopeful and exciting, and are looking for the path to a reality that manifests your best possible self, then this book is the book for you!

Start reading today, and discover how to follow Jesus in our wild, infinite multiverse!


Not Your Usual Clinical Pastoral Experience!
Few outside of religious professionals know about courses in clinical pastoral experience (CPE). They are a critical part of the formation of clergy and chaplains and take place as a supervised chaplaincy in some institutional setting. Add a hundred-and-some years and John R. Mabry takes us to a very unusual CPE situation at a mining colony on a bleak planet occupied by an indigenous sentient species with their own religion. Spiritual worldviews and religions have recognizable roots in our present world but have also undergone changes. The story focuses on the CPE supervisor and his team of newbie chaplains who profess different spiritual traditions. But the planned chaplaincy experience immediately goes radically awry! Mabry leads us and the team into the chaos of conflicts, catastrophes, deception, encounter with the planet’s indigenous species, and the heart of Mystery. Mabry sees to it that we engage interesting, flawed humans and not stained-glass saints versus evil villains (although there is evil stuff going on). The indigenous species, the Kvochit, are fascinating. His novel has a smattering of f-and mf-bombs and some erotic imagery in love interests to stretch more conservative readers. Lord Krishna shows up and is a very cool god. Mabry is an expert in interfaith spirituality and through Jun, the CPE supervisor, handles the issues that arise respectfully and creatively—encouraging us all to take steps into Mystery. – Daniel Prechtel

This novel has everything: Interesting species, tormented souls, and creative ingenuity. Loved the unusual sense of creativity in this truly original novel. The author is well versed in all the necessary background information and poses some intriguing questions for readers to mull over. Although I am not a fan of space fiction, the interesting characters and their stories drew me in and kept me reading. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a geat tale and some fascinating issues that the characters must deal with. – Tasha Halpert

About the Author
David Williams is a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA). He’s also driven forklifts, taught games of skill and chance in Colonial Williamsburg, and managed a major research grantmaking program at the Aspen Institute. He now serves a little church that is, like the TARDIS, much bigger on the inside. He likes his motorcycles dirty, his coffee strong, and his beers hoppy. He blogs at and lives in Annandale, Virginia.
Christ and the Multivere: Following Jesus in Our Wild, Infinite Creation Published by Apocryphile Press

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