Easter Meditation

From Jim Burklo’s musings of April 2011

Join me in this meditation, in silence, while sitting still the whole time:


Close your eye and relax.

It’s dark.  It’s silent.  You are limp, unmoving.

You were defeated, destroyed, ruined: crucified, dead, then buried.

That was then:  and now is nothing – empty – still – lifeless.

Your muscles aren’t moving.  Your mind is empty.

You stay like this for several minutes.

And then now, just barely, you feel a tiny urge, just a little impulse.

It’s like a tiny, tiny flame, smaller than a pilot light on a stove.

The urge gets stronger and stronger, the flame gets brighter and hotter inside of your body.

You feel it!

You stand up and go to the stone that has sealed you in the dark tomb.

You feel the stone against your hands and you push; you lean into it with your chest and arms.

You feel the weight, the pressure, in your upper body.

Just as the stone begins to move, you open your eyes and see the light.

You take a deep breath of the fresh air.


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