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Easter Virtue

There are times when the injustice, suffering, disillusionment, and pain of Dark Friday seem to have won the day and we lose hope and faith in the blessing of life. But let us remember even in those bleakest of times that there is an Easter morning on the horizon that will resurrect our awe, joy, and thankfulness and give us a new lease on life.

Yes, we all will one day die; but not even death can bury the love and peace we have shared. Our acts of kindness, strivings for justice, and practices of compassion are the eternal verities that give our life meaning and purpose, and will put our death in the context of a life that cannot be denied.

We are a resurrection people. Nothing can keep down those who refuse to give up the call to keep on giving.

For our belief and faith is not in what we see or even what we may often experience, but is in goodness itself – that which we can bring to reality in our own lives by refusing to believe, act, and practice anything less…that which most assuredly is sacred and divine, and represents all we know of God and the Christ in Jesus…that which we are commissioned to go and do likewise – forgiving, loving, and making peace.

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