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EcoHymns by Gaia Dance

We are Ecologisers, the Young People’s International Anti-litter Charitywith a mission to ecologise – put eco-lyrics to – the world’s song-base.
Ecologisers is a formal charity registered at the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR. Trustees are Ann Palmer, her husband Peter Lyons, and Ruth MacAlpine.

As an eco-lyricist, the EcoHymns are very special offering intergenerational continuity and the opportunity to re-honour the sacred music of our ancestors in a way relevant to the modern world. The tunes are so powerful and resonant of the sacred.

EcoHymns in the context of EcoSongs are a way to re-value and celebrate the Earth. Their specialness is rooted in the reverence of the original composers.

Click here to see the first verse of each of the EcoHymns.

The full lyrics to the EcoHymns are available via email from: 

** Please note, we hope to find choirs who would love to sing and record the EcoHymns, so they can find their place in the modern world. Visit Ecologisers’ website here.

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