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Eternal Love, your grace we praise


1. Eternal Love, your grace we praise

Which shapes and comforts all our days,

Evolves the world we know.

Let worship, symbols come of age

To help us read beneath the page

And test the status quo!



2. Renewing Love, in Jesus met

Defying limitation yet

Particular in all;

Confronting still the edifice

Of ignorance and prejudice,

Responding to our call.




3. But still your truth we faintly see

Though Church and Scripture guarantee

To point us on our way.

A darkened mirror blurs our sight

While false ideas obscure the light

And spurn the shining ray.




4. Thanks be for scholars, prophets too

Who lead the quest for insights new

As old convictions fade.

May we in faith by Spirit led

In Jesus’ footsteps bravely tread

And never be afraid!




© David Stevenson 2010



Suggested tune:  Manna by J G Schicht (1753-1823)



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