Excerpts, Activity, Affirmation

From The Alchemy of Sacred Living, Creating a Culture of Light

By: Emory J. Michael

“Most people are unaware that they are unaware. Awakening itself is a mystery, a miracle of unfolding. Experience gently nudges us toward the threshold of deeper knowing. We cross that threshold as we discover that the world is less outside us than it is within us.”  ~page 24

“The path of happiness and sacred living begins with a comprehension of the alchemy of the seed. When we become benefactors–literally, “doers of good,”–our own life will be gradually transformed for the better. Each helpful, generous action–each good thought and sacred feeling–becomes a seed planted in the garden of our personal well-being. In time, we will be astonished and delighted at the harvest of abundance that comes streaming into our personal world.

“In the age to come, to be miserly, greedy or selfish will be seen as a form of illness that blocks the circulatory flow of abundance and blessing. Giving will become a science and an art. In the words of the saintly American spiritual teacher, Hilda Charlton, ‘A life is worthless that does not reach out a helping hand to others.’

“From deep within us comes the impulse to become greater and better. Our deeper self–the spirit-seed in our hearts–prompts us on our journey of transformation. The motivating principle at the heart of the spirit-seed is desire. The essence of this desire is love. As we manifest love through our actions, we come to know that our essential nature, the seed of our spirit, is love itself. By expressing love in our actions and our thoughts, we gradually come to know the truth of our being–that we are love. The greatest gift we can offer is the radiance of heart that springs from our contact with the divine in ourselves and the world. They give the most who radiate the light of understanding in their minds and the warmth of love in their hearts. When our actions are imbued with wisdom and love, we walk in harmony with the sacred laws that govern life. We become emissaries for a new culture of light and beauty on the Earth.

“We begin to live a sacred life when we start to become a source of blessing through our actions. As we apply the dynamic power of the alchemy of the seed, we set in motion the wheels of a better life. A transformation takes place in our inner life of thought and feeling. The wisdom of reciprocity becomes the key to our own soul’s liberation. In time, we will reap the harvest of our sacred seeds and life will crown each of us the master of our personal destiny.” ~pgs 38-39

Exercises in Sacred Living: Activating the Alchemy of the Seed


(Modified) Think of 6 actions that you can perform today that will enhance your own and other people’s lives. These can be any constructive deed: writing a cheerful letter, cleaning out closets and giving charitable donations of clothes you no longer need or use, surprising a friend with a gift, taking someone to lunch, smiling at all the children you see.  Write these ideas on a piece of paper. Then today, keep a record of your sowing. Make a note of each “seed.” Consider them as deposits in your heavenly treasury, the balance of which will determine your future circumstances. Get into the habit of releasing constructive currents into the ocean of life. Give those you meet a “flower,” even if it be only in the form of a kind thought. Remember that thoughts, words, and feelings are also seeds. Become a benefactor of those you contact. Begin now to recreate the garden of your life; transform your future by applying the magic of the seed. Continue this practice throughout the week each day.


“Giving opens the way for receiving. I master the law of the seed by giving constructively to all who can benefit by my actions.”

“I transform my life into a beautiful garden by sowing positive seeds each day.”

“The more I give to others of that which is beneficial and helpful, the more I will receive.”

pages 39-40


“As is the gardener, so is the garden.”

~Jewish proverb

“Give and it shall be given unto you”


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