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Flower Wild


Wildflowers on a mountainside in Soledad Canyon, Agua Dulce, CA – 4-8-19


Flower Wild

Went with the gotta go urge
On a week ending, road bending
Wheels a turning ramble
Past the malls and urban tangle

Mountains rumbling into view
Headtilt gaze at yonder spangle
Exit there to road the country
Spread with poppies on the bluffs

Spun around to car the parking
Set my boots on soily sand
Eager the feet to get aheart
Headbent bounding up the land

Drywash burst in flecks of color
Disorient, disoccidented
Zigs of blue and zags of purple
Aflame in gold the trail ascended

Flower wild, I lost my locus
As on the blooms I trained my focus
Staring at some flecks of white
Eye-soaring down a sward of orange

Thoughts ran faster than my feet
On land sprung out of desert sleep
Where to fit these sights in mind?
No proper placement could I find….


Rev. Jim Burklo, Associate Dean of Religious Life, USC
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Associate Dean of Religious Life, University of Southern California

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