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Forward Faith: A Blog of Music and Ideas for a Progressive Faith

by Keith Sanford

New Music
for Progressive Christianity

by Keith Sanford, Ph.D.

“Who Will Weep?” is a new song about faith, history, and compassion for refugees.

Free download for first 200 people

What progressive Christians discover in this new song

Religious music for progressive faith should address issues that are relevant today. “Who Will Weep” is a song of compassion for refugees. It uses imagery from Jesus’ parable of the children crying out in the marketplace to tell the story of the SS St. Louis, a ship that sailed near the coast of Florida in 1939 with more than 900 Jewish refugees on board fleeing from Nazi Germany. Listen to the song, find out the tragic fate of the refugees, and consider the story’s lesson for us today.

While listening, you can access a wealth of free resources:

  • Discover the history and psychology of attitudes toward immigrants and refugees in the United States.
  • Get free lead sheets to use this song in worship.
  • Learn why the song uses Jesus’ parable of the children crying out in the marketplace.
  • Get a set of discussion questions.

FREE BONUS: The first 200 people can download a personal copy of the song for free.  To obtain your free download, find and click the “download” button on the song player, then enter “0” when asked to, “name your price.”

Discover all the new music and ideas for a progressive faith at: is a blog of new music and ideas for a progressive faith. Developed by Keith Sanford, Ph.D., Forward Faith provides new music and in-depth discussion of ideas from a faith perspective based on liberal theology.

Forward Faith is the source for music for progressive Christianity. It also provides in-depth information on the theological, historical, and psychological ideas behind each song, lead sheets for musicians for use in worship, and discussion questions for small groups.

Visit Forward Faith and explore music and ideas about:

  • Theology
  • History
  • Social justice
  • The environment
  • Psychology

Forward Faith has resources for:

  • Small discussion groups
  • Musicians
  • Clergy and religious leaders

Forward Faith is a FREE website.  There is NO cost and there are NO signup requirements. Although the site’s music distribution service requires a fee charged for downloading personal copies of songs, the first 200 people can get a free download (see instructions above).

About Keith Sanford, Ph.D.

Keith Sanford is a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University. His back-ground includes completing a program of study at a music school in Hollywood, several years working as a professional musician, completing a B.A. in religion from Seattle Pacific University, and completing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Michigan State University. He conducts research on interpersonal relationships and teaches courses that range from the use of the scientific method in psychological research to the history of racism.

Forward Faith is the culmination of several years of work combining music with progressive Christian theology, history, concerns for social justice, and psychology.  Discover this unique combination of music to sing, ideas to discuss, and a progressive faith perspective to ponder.

Listen to the new song: Who Will Weep?

Click here to visit the Forward Faith homepage.

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