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Gathering 78: “Audrey”

Beatitudes Radio

Has your language about God limited your experience of  God? For most of us, hearing the formal name of our mother, be it Karen, Susan or Audrey, is somehow foreign to our perception of who she is in our world. She is simply “Mom.” Accordingly, do we also limit our perception of who God is when we use language that identifies the creator as a patriarchal father, a shepherd, a king or even as our rock? If we are all created in the image of God, what of the femininity?

Join Pastor Tony Minear, Ph.D. as he explores how the words we use and the metaphors we devise to describe God can not only limit our perceptions of the divine but exclude a whole other dimension of the divine as mother. Journey with us this Mother’s Day and discover the wholeness we can experience when we simply increase our awareness of the power of language to frame our very experience of the divine.

Recorded live at Church of the Beatitudes in Phoenix, AZ on 5/12/19

Scripture Reader: Bethany Denn

Preaching: Rev. Tony Minear, Ph.D.

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 31:26-28

Review & Commentary