Good Friday?

That Friday, oh so long ago,

Why do we call it ‘Good’?

It tells a wretched tale of woe,

Of thorns and cross of wood.


By all His friends, left desolate;

They could not stand the strain.

They left Him at the hellish gate

Of suffering and of pain.


That saddest and that darkest day,

When love was put to death;

When evil seemed to have its way

To slaughter life and breath.


Yet woven in those tragic tales

Is courage, strength and grace.

He prayed for those who drove the nails;

He promised God’s embrace.


That Friday, oh so long ago,

We watch God’s love explode.

Inspired now, I dare to show

My heart is love’s abode.


Tune:  Ballerma
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Stuart.Good Friday


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