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Goodness Uplifts Wisdom

1 The roots of decency spread deep in the earth of Goodness, and no turmoil can disturb them.

2 In the eyes of the selfish, the upright appear to be unhinged; their humility is seen as weakness,

3 and their separation from us seems to prove their folly; but they are at peace.

4 In the judgment of others they act disturbed; but their hope is full of promises.

5 Having faced challenges, they received great benefit, because when Goodness tested them they learned from it and became stronger;

6 While trapped in their anguish, Goodness tried them; and with an unstinting gift, Goodness empowered them.

7 In their serenity they sparkle, and run marathons through adversities.

8 They will manage reactions and overcome distractions and Goodness will direct their decisions, always.

9 Those who trust in Goodness understand truth, and the faithful stand in compassion, because loveliness and tolerance are theirs, and Goodness uplifts wisdom.

Derived from Wisdom 3:1-9

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