Great and Small, CD

This is the second album from Butterflyfish Band.  Its just as entertaining, foot stomping, and soul satisfying as the first. Great for the whole family!

Great and Small is a rootsy blend of American folk, gospel, blues, country, and bluegrass, cooked down and spiced up into fresh takes on the spiritual themes so characteristic of old American music.  Butterflyfish began with a watermelon picnic. While the kids ate and played, the grown-ups got to talking about music, about faith, and about how best to pass on and enjoy the old, old stories in beautiful new ways.

Butterflyfish attract all ages, from singles to seniors, twenty-something hipsters to babes on mama’s hip, anybody who loves American music, vibrant harmonies, and the old, old stories made shiny and new.  For use in faith communities, with our children’s curriculum, and just for some family fun!


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