Great Mystery Prayer

May the Great Mystery that we call God

keep alive in each one of us

the search for a Faith that is real;

a Faith that helps us to live happier lives

a Faith that gives us a fuller

meaning to life and the events of life;

Bring us to know the goodness that flows

from the heart of the universe,

and may we be expanded in heart and soul

by that goodness.  This is our prayer.


From “The Historical Jesus Goes to Church.”  Used with permission of Polebridge Press.

Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Practice and Prayers.

Review & Commentary

  • Ali


  • Ed Folkwein

    The Great Mystery, a name I appreciate as I continue in a journey to make sense of church and Christianity for me during these later years. The prayer speaks to my heart. Thank you Francis Macnab for your thoughtful words.
    I know a group of people who will also appreciate this writing.