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Hope in the low places


Something I learned this week…

I had scribbled some notes down about what I wanted to share in today’s Weekly, but an item sent to me by a friend has brushed all that off my desk.
It is an article I posted to Facebookshortly after reading, that tells us the oceans are heating up at a rate equal to five Hiroshima bombs being dropped into them every second. No. I did not want to learn that this week, but I did.

Every day, we are struck by information that exhausts our capacity to care, to have hope, to continue the struggle for justice, especially those struggles that are for a future we will never see.

And so it is that I also must look for hope even in the ashes of realities that are so devastating, even in the low places to which this sort of news so often takes me.
The truth is that we are an inventive and creative species. We use tools. We adapt environments. We secure our footing on ideas incomprehensible mere decades, years, even months ago. It should be no surprise that we are able to create the positive change that is needed. It only takes you investing in the future and me doing the same thing.
Not long after I read the shocking article about the oceans, perhaps through a link on the same page, I found out about these amazing “tree” benches in London. They’re not sucking up carbon, but they are cleaning up the air in a city once covered by smog and pollutants. See? We have the change we need to be already; we just have to apply it.

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