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Hymn: “The Day of Crucifixion”

Tune: St. Christopher

Hymn: “The Day of Crucifixion” Tune: St. Christopher


Jesus is not my scapegoat / for any wrong I’ve done
It isn’t fair to place on him / what he had never done
My God is fair and just and wise / and bids me to believe
I’m responsible for my own acts / and of all that I conceive.

No violence can save me / no shedding of one’s blood
But my redemption is complete / when love my soul does flood.
When peace does reign within my heart / and like Christ I do forgive
Then I his spirit do possess / and live the way he lived.

When I stand up for justice / and serve a world in need
When I defend the poor and shamed / and for their case I plead;
Then I go forth to do God’s will, / consider not the cost;
Is this not what Christ really meant / saying, “Carry your own cross.”

Music: Frederick C. Maker, 1881; Words: Rev. Bret Stuart Myers, 4/7/2009

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