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Hymn: Where the seeds of love are sown

(Suggested tune: Love Divine)
Where the seeds of love are sown
Where compassion leaves its mark
There amid life’s many trials
Light will shine within the dark.
When the seeds of justice flourish
Growing into liberty
People suffering in oppression
Will at last then be set free.

Where the seeds of wisdom blossom
When we have the ears to hear,
We will know the transformation
Into freedom from our fear.
Where the seeds of mercy scatter
There forgiveness will be known
Bringing reconciliation,
Peace and joy that all can own.

We are called to be the sowers
In the garden of our land,
May we be forever faithful
Offering an outstretched hand
Drawing in the disempowered
Those whose lives are stripped of choice,
Let us always be their champion
Ever strive to be their voice.
Christine Drake
Copyright. 2014

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