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“I am inspired by others sharing this pilgrimage and feel part of a larger movement that is changing the face of Christianity.”

“On the website, I find creative, innovative words and music for progressive liturgies. I read provocative articles about progressive, non-theistic faith. I am inspired by others sharing this pilgrimage and feel part of a larger movement that is changing the face of Christianity. offers resources especially to those who might otherwise feel isolated…”
~ Rev. Susan Flanders, Board Member

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When you give to, you help us provide resources to a growing global community of pastors and neighbors who no longer fit into the modern box of ‘Christianity.’ With just 3 weeks left to give, here’s another reason why your gift matters:

“We want relevant, down-to-earth, and real – the approach that the early Christians experienced and understood. What’s referred to as “progressive Christianity” isn’t really new. It’s a reformation of the church to its earlier, pre-modernist and pre-Constantinian roots. Rather than focusing on exclusion, judging, and damning of ‘other, is a leading voice to reclaim our values of radical inclusion, grace, acceptance, egalitarianism, empowerment, and unconditional love… this is why I give.”
~ Rev Roger Wolsey, Board Secretary

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When you give, you help create cutting edge theological resources for individuals and faith communities, produce Progressive Christian children’s curriculum for young hearts and minds, and inspire and partner with social justice movements around the world.

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