I Believe

Originally written by Dr. Robert H. Ayers of Athens, GA. Copyright 2010.

“I believe in God, The Universal Personal Spirit of unsurpassable love, who from nothing created this immense universe of both causal regularity and chance events, and with its emerging creatures possessing various capacities and freedoms to respond to God’s love and vision for their place and function in the universe.

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth fully accepted and completely lived by God’s unsurpassable love so that he was ‘The man in the world totally for others.’ (Bonhoffer)

I believe that God’s unsurpassable love incarnated in Jesus discloses that God seeks to persuade all of humankind, even the unacceptable, to accept and live in the light of this love in all ventures of life.

I believe that the God of unsurpassable love, witnessed to in Scripture and in the life of Jesus, would never condemn to torment in this life or in eternity, but through the power of persuasion bring all of humankind ultimately into a kingdom of perfect freedom, faithfulness and love.”

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