I Met God in Bermuda, Faith in the 21st Century

It is time to challenge traditional understandings of God in order to create a twenty-first century understanding of faith. So, we have to say goodbye to the Sunday school God and find new ways of thinking about God.
A twenty-first century faith is an open and courageous attitude toward life. It begins with experience, our shared and somewhat messy life experience. While experience is not everything, it is a good starting point. It’s what we know. Ironically, a new description of God can enrich human experience by incorporating the idea of the absence of God.

This is a quite remarkable book. It is entirely unconventional in its approach to Christianity and spirituality and is accessible to all persuasions – from skeptics to seeking Christians. Dr Ogden addresses issues and challenges that go to the heart of belief and faith in today’s complex and sophisticated world. He offers a quite new perspective on life that admits to the doubts and emptiness experiences that we all have and reveals a God with whom we can identify – far removed from the childhood God in the sky. A compelling read.

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