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Interfaith Day of Prayer

Held in an interfaith chapel or prayer garden



LEADER:       Divine Wisdom, we come seeking your guidance in our efforts to work together for peace. We come from diverse ethnic groups, cultures, and religions. We believe these differences enrich us all. Lead us on your paths to lasting and true peace. Holy Wisdom, show us your pathways to peace in our own hearts, in our communities, and in our world. Grant us your peace to resolve our personal internal and external conflicts. And may your divine peace that surpasses all human understanding flow from us to our community and to our country and on to our world. May we be good stewards of the resources you have given us as individuals and as a nation. Guide us to use these resources well in relationship with our world. Help us to give equal respect to all people—women, men, and children of all races, cultures, and religions in all nations. For we are all created by you in your own image, and we are all precious to you. May we join hands as sisters and brothers in this community and around the world to work for peace, to heal divisions, to break down walls, to end oppressive systems. Give us grace to join your holy work of making peace on earth as we continue to become all you created us to be.




LEADER:       Gracious Maker of us all, we commit ourselves to giving mutual respect to everyone in order to help bring peace and understanding among people of different religions, ethnic groups, and cultures.


ALL:               We commit ourselves to celebrating our religious, cultural, and racial diversity and to making more opportunities for greater understanding.


LEADER:       We commit ourselves to creating dialogue, so that there will be an increase of mutual trust and cooperation among individuals, among communities, and among nations.


ALL:               We commit ourselves to working for justice and freedom for all people, so that there can be true peace in our world.


LEADER:       We commit ourselves to forgiving one another for past and present prejudices and injustices.


ALL:               We commit ourselves to supporting one another in our common efforts to overcome all forms of discrimination, hatred, greed, and violence.


LEADER:       We commit ourselves to taking the side of the poor and the oppressed, to speaking out for those who have no voice, and to working effectively to change these conditions.


ALL:               We commit ourselves to promoting friendship and solidarity among people, for we are convinced that increased understanding of one another will bring peace and justice.


LEADER:       We commit ourselves to urging leaders of nations to work together for peace based on justice. For “how very good and pleasant it is” when we recognize that all people of the world are sisters and brothers, and we “live together in unity” (Psalm 133:1).


ALL:               This prayer of commitment we bring to you, Loving Maker.




LEADER:       May Divine Wisdom give guidance to all people.


ALL:               May Divine Wisdom bless all people with peace.


LEADER:       May we go forth from this place remembering that all people—women, men, and children of all races, religions, and cultures in all nations—are created equally in the divine image.


ALL:               May we join hands as sisters and brothers in this community and around the world to heal divisions and to build bridges of respect and understanding.


LEADER:       Go forth with wisdom and grace to join our Creator’s work of making peace on earth as we continue to become all we are created to be.


ALL:               So let it be, now and always.



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