Interfaith Dialogue Quotations

Dear interfaith colleagues: I am a lover of quotations. Over the last few years, I have collected a number of quotations that relate directly or indirectly to the field of interfaith dialogue. Click here for PDF. You may find various ways to use these quotations. One way they can be used is to trigger reflection or small group discussion. Please feel free to post all or part of this document on websites or social media. Kindly send me any quotations on this theme that you have collected.

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“It seems to me that the world’s religions are like siblings separated at birth. We’ve grown up in different neighourhoods, different households, with different songs, stories, traditions and customs. But now, we’ve been reunited, and, having found each other after so many years apart, we look into each other’s faces and we can see the family resemblance. We’re back together again, and it’s very good.” Richard Watts

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