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A Resolution You Can Keep

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Have you already given up on yours?  Are you sick and tired of making resolutions?  One of the reasons that we often fall short on whatever resolution we make is that we are too ambitious and don’t have a plan for sustained action.  Setting a concrete, realistic goal and determining appropriate steps that can be taken to achieve that goal are the keys to a successful resolution!
At, we have resolved to expand the influence of the Progressive Christian Movement.  This isn’t something that we’ve decided haphazardly.   We know that if we are going to combat the Christian Right and provide an authentic, inclusive movement, we must take things one step at a time and invest in quality programming and resources.
We’ve been working on several items diligently over the past couple of years and are beginning to see the fruits of our effort.  In addition to the resources that we have always provided, we are working on expanding our “Things that Matter” broadcast to address contemporary issues more frequently, we are creating videos on Progressive Christian theology that can be utilized by faith communities, we are distributing a full 3-year “A Joyful Path” children’s curriculum, we are lifting up more diverse voices of emerging thinkers within the Progressive Christian Movement, and we are in the midst of a massive move of our content to a new website that is much more user-friendly!
If we are going to continue this incredible work, though, we need your help. The reason that this organization is thriving is that you have been invested in the work that we are doing.  Perhaps an achievable resolution you could make during 2023 is to support the work at on a regular basis. Could you make a recurring or one-time donation to help set the tone for the Progressive Christian Movement in 2023? We appreciate your support and generosity.
Happy New Year!
CalebThe Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines
Co-Executive Director,

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