Living for a Change

Each river, mountain, flower and tree

Are part of life’s rich tapestry

All sharing in our joyous celebration

But nature we can never own

The earth is only ours on loan

So we must stop destroying your creation

We’re living for a change


But on our own what can we do?

You came to make all things new

You taught us there is no such word as never

That you will set all people free,

If we show solidarity

That we can change this broken world together

We’re living for a change


And in our world that’s torn apart

We know that we need to make a start

To heal the deep and painful wounds of history

By sharing all our hopes and fears

Our anger, laughter, joy and tears

We’ll find a vision of how things could be

We’re living for a change


Topics: Social & Environmental Ministry and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 7: Integrity of the Earth. Seasons & Special Events: Earth Day. Resource Types: Practice, Prayers, and Readings.

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