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Love and Light

I am a physical being with an immortal soul! I have lived many, many times on this earthly plane. Now, today, in our Aquarian Age, is the right time; the consciousness of my life as well as the lives of my fellow human beings. I want to help us all live in Light and Love. In the Aramaic language of Jesus the Christ in the translated last line of “The Lord’s Prayer,” it says… “Returning Light and Sound, to our Cosmos.” I believe we are all doing this wonderful exercise today, after it was first spoken over 2,000 years ago by our Great Master Teacher. All of us, in this particular “Light and Love,” are doing, or at least should be doing, their part to bring this vibrating sound back to Mother Earth. This is the same Light and Love that vibrated the Ancient people of Atlantis who passed their great Light of Love and knowledge to our ancestors the Mayans of Mexico, and the to the Essences the White Brotherhood of Egypt, and then eventually the Copts, and the Arthurian Roundtable of England, through the direct lineage Master Hamid Bey and today through our Coptic Fellowship brethren. The awareness of this great knowledge of universal Truth cannot be assuaged. It is happening through our Divine Feminine Representatives and light beings who have returned to bring this Light and Sound back to the Cosmos as prophesied in the “Lord’s Prayer,” so long ago.

It is not something to be afraid of, but rather rejoiced in, as each and every light being from whatever religious background that is practiced, weighed in dogma and ritual tradition, to take action; and especially, to accept our personal responsibility in how we will act out this destiny as we keep growing in Spirit and Love.

This God of the Cosmos! I know that we all receive so much, much more by giving than receiving. We all come in various shapes and genders and different creeds and religious heritages, but if we really look hard enough we are all ONE family. We are all brothers and sisters made in the image of our creator. We all of us, every one of us, have a heart. And, we are in the process of balancing our heads (minds) and hearts into a harmony of love; love for our fellow human beings as we pray that the homeless find homes, and the hungry find food, and the sick and injured are healed. But, how does one measure a heart? How many hearts and immortal souls will it take to raise our Christ Consciousness?

If we truly believe in the phrase “As Above So Below” then, I believe that we are actively raising our lower consciousness and merging this heart center with our mind; all of the physical aspects, as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual, into a harmonic, rhythmic, balanced individual, and becoming more and more Christ-like in our daily lives as we return this “Light and Love,” with a vibrating feeling, a knowing deep within, our own kingdom of heaven, that the family is back together. We come to the realization, as in the Star of David, that Oneness is our natural state of being in this “Age of Aquarius.” Let the Sound of Light and Love reverberate now throughout the Cosmos, Forever and Ever. Amen!

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