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We eat with our friends, enjoying a meal

In fellowship sweet; it has great appeal;

The same was for Jesus; it was a strong sign

To demonstrate friendship — in bread and in wine.


He often was seen at banquets and feasts

With rich or with poor and sometimes with priests;

But such a disgrace — he broke ‘purity’ law;

The ‘sinners’ so labeled were outcasts and poor.


Wrong doers were those exploiting the weak;

The poor had no life; their outlook was bleak;

Yet Jesus had meals with those driven by greed;

He challenged their life-style, rejecting their creed.


The stories we have with Jesus as guest

At meals with the rich, he causes unrest;

He speaks of God’s Kingdom, of true equity;

Forgiveness of debt and sincere harmony.


So we can engage the rich and the strong

Who exploit the weak — we know it is wrong;

New list’ning to Jesus and walking his way

We challenge the world with the Christ of today.


Suggested Tune:  Lyons (We Worship You, God) or Hanover (You Servants of God)


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