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Meditation On Choice

Prayer is choice; choice about where you direct your thoughts and intentions, choice about where you place your hopes and desires, choice to slow down and focus on compassion.

Please take a moment to still your mind, and make the divine choice to come into the presence of this moment. God who is always becoming, be here, be now. Shame and fear dissolve in the presence of divine love. Blame melts in the presence of divine warmth, softening the hardest heart and easing the deepest agony.

Prayer is choice. Life is choice. Life is a prayer. Need I remind you that you are powerful beyond measure. You are the director, producer, script writer and lead actor, co-creating your unfolding, open ended play called “Choose Life.”

You aren’t the chosen people. You are the choosing people; choosing life in each moment as best you can, mixing it up in the grey zone, flexing and flowing with circumstances as they arise. As you make moment by moment choices, may you seek the highest good in each situation.

When faced with the choice to be right or to be kind, may you choose kindness.

When faced with the weight of other people’s expectations, may you choose your own conscience.

When faced with the choice to love or to judge, to embrace or to punish, to heal or to hurt, may you choose love.

May you honor the grey, move with the flow, create your own reality, and be liberated from simplistic superstition and moralistic manipulation.

We remember those who carry the burden of choice more heavily than others. May you have clarity of mind, comfort of heart, and a clear conscience. May you know that you are not alone; that we carry your choice with you and do not judge you.

May every person weigh the power and the burden of choice. For those who feel stuck, those who feel oppressed, those who are swirling out of control, may the burden of choice give way to a liberating power. May you come to a deep realization that the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom.

May you blossom. May you choose life. May you live choice. May you grow in power rather than shrinking in blame. May you learn from experience and use this new wisdom to create a life of power and purpose.

Say to yourself: I am becoming what tomorrow demands.

I am becoming


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