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Monthly eBulletin – Transformational Series, Part 1- Personal Transformation

Let Transformation Happentransformation

Personal transformation begins with going within and getting to know yourself- your thoughts, beliefs, and core patterns that all dictate your reactions and emotions. Until we go within we are not able to transform or affect our internal world which guides our outer experience. With mindfulness and observation of our inner dialogue we are able to engage in a new way of being. We have the power to create an extraordinary existence by learning how to navigate ourselves and become the architects of our own minds, emotions, and bodies rather than the victims of a ceaseless pre-programmed script.

Although radical transformation takes time and practice, stepping out of suffering and pain and opening ourselves to all that is possible in this human experience does not have to be a lifetime challenge. Transformation can actually happen in the space of one moment. It can happen in the moment when we go deep within and dig out the roots of the weed to change our core beliefs and patterns. As we begin to align our minds with the high vibration of divine love and expansion, rather than fear and contracting thoughts, we can establish new patterns of thinking that will benefit us and all those around us.

I hope you enjoy this powerful eBulletin as much as I have. It is the first in a series on Transformation, which we will look at from a variety of angles. Thank you for joining us on this journey.


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