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Monthy eBulletin – Personal and World Transformation through Service

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To Serve or Be Served?

This world tends to breed a culture of power and greed, measuring greatness on prestige and position. Those that are considered successful are those whom are served. Everyone seems to want to lead, few want to be a servant. Is it human nature to fight over status? Or have we been misled through culture, media, and language?

Jesus taught a radically different path- one of service, humility, and loving kindness. And yet, we still have Christian leaders shunning those less than them, judging them as sinners, and turning away the needy. What has Christianity come to, if we are no longer servants of others? How can we allow the violence, the inequality to continue? The answer is simple. WE CAN’T. As followers of Jesus, we must stand up against injustice, we must feed the hungry, heal the sick, and fight for equality. And we must do it every moment the opportunity arrises. It can be as simple as opening a door for someone, volunteering, or helping your neighbor with their garden. It begins with facing the ego and acknowledging that egoic voice that tells us we are too busy, or too good, or too important to help others. Once we confront that voice, we can let it go. Find time, make time, sacrifice time and serve with grace and gratitude. You will be positively transformed and the more of us that are walking this path, the more the world will be transformed as well.

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