Naming God

O God, Infinite and everlasting!

By what name shall we call you?  Being human, we have only human words to use.

You gave Moses the words, “I Am that I Am.”  But who are You?  What shall we call you?

Jesus called you “Father.”  But fathers are not always wise, loving, just and merciful. There are some of us for whom father is a word of terror.

I could call you Mother, but others might find it offensive, or not have pleasant memories of her.

Hindus call you “Sat-Chit-Ananda,”  Everlasting-Intelligent-Bliss. That seems so impersonal, except for the Bliss.

Native Americans gave us “Great Spirit.”  At times we do feel the wind of your spirit blowing through us.

We could call you “Infinite Love,” or  “Eternal Mystery,” but infinity and eternity are too large for us.

Martin Buber gave us “I and Thou.”  Could we say “You and me” for intimacy?


Be with us here tonight.

Be in our minds that we may comprehend a bit of What You are.

Be in our hearts that we may respond to Who You are.

Enter our souls that we, without any doubt, can say  “I and Thou, You and me” and know your presence.

Amen .


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