O Golden Doors

From the Boundless Life collection

O golden doors now open wide

Revealing myst’ry’s grace,

The grace beyond the imaged word;

Beyond all time and space.


The doors swing open every time                  The Offering

We leave the realm of things

To enter silent emptiness

And touch what leaving brings.


With Eucharistic thankfulness                    The Great Thanksgiving

We join the cosmic song

Of atoms and of starlit skies;

The space where we belong.


We move into the mystic space                    The Fraction

Within the Cross of pain,

To find each cross becomes a seed

Which bears life-giving grain.


As bread of life becomes our feast              The Feasting

Grief’s wine is turned to praise

And death and resurrection’s ways

Form templates for our days.



Text © William Livingstone Wallace

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Topics: Arts and Music, Ritual, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Ages: Adult. Rituals: Communion. Resource Types: Audio MP3 and Hymns.

Review & Commentary

  • Rev. Robert Gutleben

    From Rev. Robert Gutleben, Facilitator, The Good Samaritan Community Church of Sebastopol, 430 Murphy Ave., Sebastopol, California 95472 (nondenominational)

    My thoughts are mainly focused on the Eucharistic Liturgy presented here. I like the mystical expression of this reflection on the Communion. It, to me, offers a somewhat mythical understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Camus makes the comment, “Myth are made for the imagination to breath life into them.” Worship needs the inclusion of our individual imaginations to bring to our daily lives the real human experience of Jesus’ salvific behavior in the community. Until we can imagine such actions taking place in our lives among our neighbors liturgies will simply remain sacrosanct unintelligibility for the unconscious churched.

    Thank you for your consideration, Rev. R. Gutleben