Out in Suburbia

Special Price for Fans of Out in Suburbia!

Out in Suburbia has just been re-released on DVD and is still selling to colleges, universities, and libraries.

To  celebrate, we’d like to offer our fans a home video price.

First Time on DVD!

Out in Suburbia

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28 Minutes

Individual Home Use for Friends of PW Productions

$25 includes s/h

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Best Documentary

SF International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 1989

Importance of Subject

National Educational Media Festival

This groundbreaking, upbeat and powerful response to homophobia, spotlights eleven lesbians who speak with amusement and candor about their lives and loves.

Out in Suburbia is a classic.

“Truly wonderful! A film that can reach people and convince them that lesbians don’t live on another planet.”  — Margaret Matlin, SUNY Geneseo

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