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PATHWAYS Theological, Inc.  is an affordable and accessible online program in progressive theology. Participants are not bound by geography and have a flexible time schedule over the course of each week. The weekly readings and the facilitated accompanying online forum offer a practical, open-minded education and create a learner-centered environment where participants can bring their own questions and wisdom.  Our upcoming courses are listed below.  For inquiries or registration email us at or 

August 28th – October 8th, 2019

L1.6 The Art of Worship (6-weeks) $295 This course explores worship in an overview that highlights but is not limited to the “Sunday morning worship service”. It considers the theological, biblical and historical underpinnings of Christian worship, the significance of the integration of “intensive” and “extensive” worship, individual and corporate worship, the sacraments and current worship issues and trends. The format of the course further seeks to “open the arts” in the art of worship in appreciation and celebration of our Creator-God.

In this course, participants will first, critically examine and reflect on their worship perceptions and practices as worshipers “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23). Second, participants will discuss and articulate a theology of worship based on personal experiences, insights, course content and continued responses to the God who invites worship.

L1.1 Making Sense of Theology (6-weeks) $295 In this course, participants will learn how to reflect critically on their lives and the world around them using the resources of traditional Christian theology. They will learn to differentiate between embedded and deliberative theologies; articulate their own theology at this point in time; differentiate between their theology and those of others; and reflect on the importance of doing theology in community.

L2.2 Old Testament Hermeneutics (6-weeks) $295 In this course, participants will explore the Hebrew Bible using historical critical methods and other tools of Biblical interpretation. Participants will learn the interpretive tool of Midrash (sanctified imagination) and apply Biblical insight to 21st century issues.

L3.5 Ecological Theology (6-weeks) $295 This course explores the Earth and all that lives here as the dwelling place of God. There is an ongoing dialogue between scientists’ (especially Darwin’s) meticulous observations of natural selection and evolution on Earth with the Nicene Creed, scripture, and theologies through the ages. This dialogue allows science and theology to both maintain their own language while at the same time challenging each other to broaden their thinking about this mystery called life and an unexplainable Giver of life that many of us call God. Elizabeth Johnson uses Rolston’s concept of three Big Bangs to contemplate: the divine spark at the beginning of the universe, the beginnings of life on Earth and the emergence of Homo sapiens.

August 28th – November 19th, 2019

L2.6, 2.7 UCC History and Polity (12-weeks) $595 The purpose of this course is to explore the history, polity, theologies, and practices of the United Church of Christ and its predecessor denominations. The course will include an exploration of denominational identity, hidden histories within the denomination, case studies around current issues of polity and structure, current ecumenical conversations, emerging trends within the United Church of Christ, and more. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the history and polity requirement for authorized ministry in the United Church of Christ in many associations and conferences.
September 11th – October 8th, 2019

ESC 11 Opioid Crisis – A Christian Solution (4-weeks) $99 The Opioid Crisis has hit epic proportions across the United States. Over 75,000 deaths per year are attributed to drug misuse. And the effects to the family is devastating. It is clear that secular society is unable to combat the crisis alone as the numbers have been steadily rising. It is time for the Christian and faith-based communities to actively engage. This course will look at the reasons for the crisis, evaluate what secular society is doing, and examine how churches can become active participants for the benefit of their congregations and communities.


PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc., is a Progressive Christian learning community seeking to empower transformative leadership for justice and peace within and beyond the church by engaging heart and mind to consider what it means to know, love and serve God in today’s changing world.

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