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PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc.

An Online Institute for Progressive Christian Theology


PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc.

PATHWAYS Theological, Inc.  is an affordable and accessible online program in progressive theology. Participants are not bound by geography and have a flexible time schedule over the course of each week. The weekly readings and the facilitated accompanying online forum offer a practical, open-minded education and create a learner-centered environment where participants can bring their own questions and wisdom.  Our upcoming courses are listed below.  For inquiries or registration email us at or 

April 15 – May 26:  Rev. Dr. Danny Spears ($99)

ESC13 An Overview of Homosexuality and the Bible (4-weeks) $99
Using the historical-critical method of biblical interpretation, this course examines the most-often cited biblical texts thought to refer to (and condemn) homosexuality.  How do these texts apply to our understanding of LGBTQ people of faith today, if at all? The course also addresses the possibility of LGBTQ-affirming stories in the Bible.

April 15 – May 26 ($295)

L1.1 Making Sense of Theology (6-weeks)
In this course, participants will learn how to reflect critically on their lives and the world around them using the resources of traditional Christian theology. They will learn to differentiate between embedded and deliberative theologies; articulate their own theology at this point in time; differentiate between their theology and those of others; and reflect on the importance of doing theology in community.

L2.2 Old Testament Hermeneutics (6-weeks)
In this course, participants will explore the Hebrew Bible using historical critical methods and other tools of Biblical interpretation. Participants will learn the interpretive tool of Midrash (sanctified imagination) and apply Biblical insight to 21st century issues.
L3.11 Special Occasions Course (6-weeks)

April 15 – June 16 ($295)

L3.2 Supervised Ministry V: Pastoral Approaches for Those Living with Mental Illness (9-weeks)
The Supervised Ministry Series is designed to provide a practical internship in pastoral ministry over an eighteen-month progression. The arc of this series begins with entering a new place of ministry and concludes with leaving a place of ministry. Along this arc, participants will explore issues of pastoral identity, ethics, and organizational dynamics.

April 15 – July 14 (no assignments week of July 1-7) ($595)

L2.6/2.7 UCC History and Polity (12-weeks) 



PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc., is a Progressive Christian learning community seeking to empower transformative leadership for justice and peace within and beyond the church by engaging heart and mind to consider what it means to know, love and serve God in today’s changing world.

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