Praise the Universal Spirit

1. Praise the universal Spirit,

Present as we draw each breath,

Live and move and have our being,

Pass at length the gate of death.


2. Morning wings cannot escape you,

Farthest seas your glory share.

Climb to heaven, we find you with us,

Sink to hell and you are there.


3. Far-flung galaxies proclaim you;

Mortal thoughts constrain our mind.

Burst the boundaries of language!

Fill the heart of humankind!


4. Truth and mystery your emblems,

Veiled in Jesus fleshly seen,

Holiness beyond religion,

Sanctifying poor and mean.


5. Urge us to our full potential,

Touching your eternal life.

Mark the kingdom deep within us

In our pleasure, in our strife.


6. Here we learn unbounded loving,

Not enthroned in mercy-seat,

But with vision’s high perspective

Seeking in the first we meet.



© David Stevenson 2011


Suggested tunes: Cross of Jesus, All for Jesus (John Stainer (1840-1901))

                               The Servant Song (



Psalms 19:1 and 139:7-10

Luke 17:20

John 4:24

Acts 17:28

Charles Wesley

George Herbert

Mahatma Gandhi



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