O Dear One, light that travels years, darkness that frames the day, creativity     that defies our conventions, cataclysm that mocks our smug sense of control, inspiration for the book of Psalms and the Book of Job alike, prayerfully we turn to you now.  In prayer, we give up our arrogance and return to our place as human beings, recognizing your place as supreme — you are so far beyond us, yet at the same time you are the very essence of our souls, closer to us than our own bodies.  In prayer, we let our communion with you sort out our conflicting urges and intentions, separating that which is worth doing from that which is not, separating that which helps from that which harms.  In prayer, your love settles our hearts in the same way that silt settles to the bottom of a still place in a stream.  O Dear One, we take time now to reach for the subtle ecstasy of your presence, accepting us just as we are, inspiring us to be the best we can be.



Topics: Prayer and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Practice and Prayers.

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