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Progressive Lectionary


Reading Bishop Spong and Marcus Borg primarily, along with “Ministry Matters” and other readings, has lead me to believe if we attach the “Common Lectionary” to our Hebrew founders (as Bishop Spong has done) we have a better shot at arriving at the inner soul end point we desire.

This Lectionary is based on the belief that the new fundamentals should be taught.

Click on the below sample to view and/or download the full Lectionary.

Lectionary sample

Below is a Creed and Eucharist responses along with what I consider essential scriptures:


I believe in God, creator of the universe and in Jesus, along with all mankind, who were conceived in love, born of woman, suffered at the hands of evil, and were killed. Those spirits arose into all mankind and filled them with love. God will embrace our actions of love
I believe mankind is the universal church.
I believe in the goodness of all mankind.
I believe in the healing power of good works.
I believe the righteous soul lives in our hearts forever.

Words for the Eucharist

An empty stomach needs a filling morsel
A parched throat needs a satisfying drink

Review & Commentary