Re-Thinking the “Wonders” of Christmas

A Christmas Requiem for Sandy Hook

Why — despite popular Christianity’s doctrinaire explanations — was a Galilean peasant child’s fate sealed even before he drew his first breath? Was the only reason for the birth of Mary and Joseph’s child simply so he could die a miserable death; and somehow thereby make up for all the wretchedness in folks like you and me?

Presumably, it wasn’t sufficiently miraculous for two millennia of believing Christians that a deity would so gracefully manifest a way of life in one who would dwell among us with the wisdom and compassion of all we would subsequently deem to call divine and became a living light to this ornery, dark and shabby world.

I’m wondering about such nonsense. And, given the recent events at Sandy Hook that can’t help but muffle the merriment of the Christmas season, I wonder if we might do well to re-think the harsher realities of the original Christmas tale that has been retold again this season with such a stark and sober reckoning.

I wonder if we ought to reconsider another way to the manger, and rethink what kind of Christmas we ought to not only eagerly expect, pray and hope for most especially this year; but act as midwives to its birthing, as well.

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