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Retreat At Home


As many of us spend more time in the virtual world and centers pivot to create supportive online offerings, we discover it is possible to share love, learning and connection in this way. In person and hybrid events will hopefully be possible in time to come. For now we share a range of tools, services and practices to nourish us during this time. We invite you to be in touch so we can expand upon the offerings shared here. You might also find ideas to further serve your community as together we emerge stronger.

Virtual Yoga

Practice Yoga from the comfort of your home with the Integral Yoga Virtual Studio. An online platform hosted by the Integral Yoga Teacher’s Association (IYTA), the Integral Yoga Virtual Studio features various live offerings from Integral Yoga teachers around the world. Whether you are looking for dynamic Hatha classes, calming meditations, or engaging talks on Yoga philosophy, the Integral Yoga Virtual Studio will support your home practice.

All the classes are 100% donation-based so that the life-changing practices of Integral Yoga can be made available to all. Integral Yoga believe that everyone should have access to practices that support optimal health and well-being.

Creating Connection

During this time of uncertain change and physical distancing, Esalen in California are seeking intentional ways to foster connections with their community. The team have curated some of their favorite Voices of Esalen podcasts and Esalen News as well as partnered with faculty to share ideas and practices to keep connections strong and vital.

Changemakers Toolkit

Kashi Atlanta created to share six powerful tools for both personal practice at home and in the workplace to enhance health and wellbeing during these uncertain times. Storms happen every day: stress storms, emotional storms, family storms, unworthiness storms. How do you cultivate ability in this? How do you stand in wisdom and integrity? To live as the eye of the storm is to connect with the depth of who you are. Learn to embody an unshakeable sense of being, no matter the situation.

Sharing the Light

The Findhorn Foundation, Scotland offer a streamed meditation service open to all, in response to the unprecedented local and global challenges of Covid-19. The Light of Findhorn meditations are held Monday through Friday, 8:35 am and 5:40 pm UK time. Together we connect with the sacred and the earth, invite deeper awareness and bless people and our planet at this time. You are invited to share an intention, blessing or expression of gratitude. The meditation leader will share some intentions and blessings at the beginning of each meditation.

‘Voices of the Findhorn Foundation’ is a crowdsourced video series within the Findhorn Foundation coworker body. Along with much of the world, the community are staying at home as much as possible to contain COVID-19. They started this collaborative online project where members of the Findhorn Foundation community were invited to create their own short videos at their home or place of essential work and post them over the web to our communications department. We will upload one of these videos to Youtube every day for an initial period of 30 days.

Choosing our Response

In these unsettling times, The Haven in B.C. Canada believe we have choice as to how we respond. We have opportunities to get creative about how we can stay connected and chances to slow down, breathe consciously, and pause for reflection.

Physical distancing does not have to mean isolation. Now more than ever we need to open our hearts and minds to ourselves, one another, and our planet. A closed campus does not have to mean a disruption to healing, growth, and transformation. They continue to be a resource for personal growth and development in a new and exciting way by providing Online Check-in Groups, New Online Workshops & Programs and Free Online Resources.

Virtual Sanctuary

The Garrison Institute, NY offer a Virtual Sanctuary – Socially Distanced but Spiritually Connected. Amidst the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the physical distancing requirements, the need for centering and community is now more important than ever. And yet both might be more difficult to come by than ever before. The Garrison Institute has collaborated with many wonderful teachers, and are pleased to offer a line-up of live webinars in the coming weeks to provide much needed space for both connection and balance.

Wellbeing and Transformation

The New York Open Center invite you to experience transformational holistic programming from anywhere in the world. Their Live Webinars allow you to connect, mind, body, and spirit, with a like-minded community and leading holistic teachers no matter where you like to learn.

New Yorkers for New York is a free public service created in response to the covid-19 pandemic to provide all frontline and essential workers, along with anyone struggling with stress and anxiety, the mental and emotional wellness support they need, now. These include free digital stress management tools to improve resiliency, relieve anxiety and restore energy and focus.

Resilience and Endurance

How do we support ourselves and our loved ones with tools and resources that promote resilience and endurance? As we all adjust to the ‘new now,’ join Hollyhock presenters to gather practical advice on keeping our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves balanced and healthy.

‘HOCKSHOPS are mini interactive workshops chock full of ‘how-to’ practical tools and resources to help you navigate change, build resilience, and take charge of your self-care. Each session will be online at 5:15pm PT for 75 minutes together, engaging in teachings, Q&A, and/or small group work.

Coaching and Counselling Online

Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self. It is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and was founded by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1968. Their Expanding Light Retreat Center in California is now offering the expansive and supportive experience of connecting with their uplifting teachers online.

  • Private Meditation Coaching
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Ananda Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

You can personally and directly connect with one of their teachers for meditation coaching, spiritual counseling, or yoga therapy private sessions for individualized support.

Retreat at Home

Clear Sky Retreat Center in B.C. Canada was founded with the intent of being a refuge to connect with nature, yourself and your meditation practice. Although they cannot be a physical refuge right now, they are dedicated to providing connection and support during this time. Choose from weekly classes, online courses and blogs focused on helping you create a retreat-like space within your home.

If you would like to speak with someone one-on-one, schedule a Spiritual and Life Coaching session with Karen McAllister, one of the Founding Members, Associate Teachers and an incredible spiritual guide. Sessions are pay-by-the-heart and may be booked here.

Visit website for Holistic Centers Network here.

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