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Say Welcome to the Real World

Tune: Passion Chorale W.O.V. 255

A hymn written about the Mosque Massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

1. Say welcome to the real world,
A world where crosses grow,
Nurtured by groups whose “One way”
Can seem as pure as snow.
The crosses we find growing
Are planted in the mind
That thinks its way of living
Is best for humankind.

2. Both Leaders and the workers
All share a common quest
Promoting their own life styles
That they all think are best
But hidden in their thinking
Lie seeds of hate and death
Disparaging all others
Destroying their self worth.

3. As well as grieving deeply
For tragedy and loss
We need to look inside us
And find each inner cross
That threatens to expand now
And burn with fiery hate
The life that we love dearly
Till death becomes our fate.

4. To counter all this thinking
We need an open mind
To other forms of faith-life
To which we may be blind.
God’s wisdom has no doorway
Through which we all must go
Except the common bonding
That suff’ring love can know.

Text © William Livingstone Wallace

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