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Sister Spirit, Brother Spirit

Sister Spirit moves around us; Brother Spirit joins in love;
She and He together dancing crowned with holy Heavenly Dove.
May we join this dance of freedom, making heaven and earth anew;
All our gifts will blossom fully as our dreams come into view.

Brother Spirit calls us forward; Sister Spirit points the way;
She and He together clear a path into a better day.
May we take this path of justice, breaking down each wall of fear,
Faithful to our sacred calling so that Good News all may hear.

Sister Spirit gives us power; Brother Spirit ends all strife;
She and He together lead us to a spring of flowing life.
May we drink this gift of healing from a Giver wise and true;
Now our voices join in shouting, “Come and see all things made new.”


Tune:  Holy Manna

Aldredge-Clanton.Sister Spirit Brother SpiritAldredge-Clanton.Sister Spirit Brother SpiritAldredge-Clanton.Sister Spirit Brother Spirit

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