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Songs in Sacred Community- Be There for Others

A sacred community, if it is to be an authentic representation of the life and teachings of Jesus for today, needs to express its concerned opposition in both words, worship and actions, to injustice, violence and corruption – just as Jesus did.  There is truth in the statement that “Jesus confronts more than he comforts.”  When sacred communities look to the needs of its members in preference to the needs of non- members something is not quite right.   The church is one of those organisations which exists for people who do not belong to it.  As Jesus was a man for others, so the church is to be there for others.

No. 68 for Volume 1 of Singing a New Song

    We can change the world.
             Tune Jerusalem
How can we change the world we know?
How can creation safely grow?
What can we do to stem the flow
Of evil now and long ago?
We dream of pictures bold and bright,
Of children squealing with delight,
Of strong integrity for the right,
Of darkness conquered by the light.
How can we change the world to be
Where ev’ryone is safe and free?
How can we make society
A kind and just community?
We dream that fear will have no place;
When war will cease and leave no trace;
When all humanity, every race,
Will greet each other and embrace.
We can do more than only dream;
We can enhance love’s wondrous beam;
And when the torment is extreme
Be sources from which hope can stream.
We can refuse to bow to greed;
We can speak up for those who bleed;
We can, with sympathy, help to feed
The hungry ones and those in need.
In Christ we have the way laid bare;
Follow his calling, if we dare;
God’s love is costly, so beware
God’s claims can take us anywhere.
But in God’s love we can be strong;
And be triumphant over wrong;
And in our joy we sing a song,
For in God’s love we all belong.

And  No. 69 in Volume 1 of Singing a New Song.

         Call to action
Tune   Wir Pflugen AHB 59 and TiS 130
When bad laws are not questioned,
Good policies not tried,
Then God is kept in heaven,
And God within denied.
For when we sit in silence
Much wrong can go unchecked;
We need to speak out loudly,
Make governments reflect.
We may voice opinions
Although with censored voice;
Let shouts be strong against all wrong;
We really have no choice.
The Jesus we have heard of,
Was always strong to state
That he was for the weak ones,
The poor and not the great.
He challenged all the leaders;
Would not be overawed;
He saw injustice rampant,
And equity ignored.
We should voice opinions
To gain a listening ear;
Let shouts be strong against all wrong;
We need to interfere.
If we are Christ’s disciples,
We cannot turn our backs
When called into the battle
To follow in his tracks.
For Jesus it was costly;
The enemy was strong.
When power is corrupted
We’re charged to combat wrong.
We shall voice opinions;
We too shall not succumb.
Let shouts be strong against all wrong;
And we shall overcome.

No. 71 from Volume 1 of Singing a New Song

        Inclusive Love
Tune   There’s a light upon the mountains AHB 207 and TiS 276
There’s a breeze of hope a-blowing,
There’s a stirring of the soul;
There’s a love that knows no limit;
It renews and makes us whole.
There’s a journeying together,
There are joys and pains to share,
And the Lord whom we all follow
Is the One who says, “I care.”
For the lonely and the failure
There are many hurts to bear.
For the sick and for the homeless,
For the ones who cringe in fear,
For the ones who feel rejected,
Those who think they’re always wrong,
There’s the Lord whom we can follow;
He shows how we can be strong.
There are many who are different,
Those with whom we disagree,
There are those we judge as guilty,
Who no longer should be free.
There are those whom we might banish,
Who have lost the right to live,
But the Lord whom we all follow
Is the One who says, “Forgive.”
We are salt to give the flavour,
And a light upon a stand.
We are set upon a hill,
And we are seen throughout the land.
So our love must be inclusive;
Given fully, given free;
For the Lord whom we all follow
Shows what love can do and be.

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