Stuff That Needs To Be Said

Essential Words on Life, Death, Faith, Politics, Love, and Giving a Damn

Over the past few years, John Pavlovitz’s blog, Stuff That Needs To Be Said, has become a virtual hub for millions of people from all over the world, drawn there by his clear, compelling words on compassion, equity, love, and justice.

This expansive, like-hearted community transcends race, orientation, gender, religious tradition, political affiliation, and nation of origin—and finds its affinity in the deeper place of our shared humanity, which is the True North of his writing. This collection lovingly pulls together some of John’s most widely-read and most beloved essays on faith, politics, grief, and the elemental parts of being human. It is an encouraging, inspiring, challenging storehouse of “stuff that needs to be said.”

Words from John’s readers:

“John’s insight, heart and soul speak to all people. His wisdom moves all of us to act from our better angels.” —Rabbi Mark Borovitz

“There is one voice that speaks for the collective minds and hearts that beat for justice, equality, mercy, love, and kindness. John’s blog holds us virtually—and sometimes literally—together! We do not despair because John’s writings are a beacon of hope in the times we live in.” —Laurie Struck

“John’s writing speaks to anyone with a brain and a compassionate heart. As a Jew, I would not have expected to be so pulled in by the words of a Christian pastor, but I find his blog posts and previous books to be both powerful and spot on. I am profoundly
moved by his writing.” —Barbara Berkley

“Thought-provoking and challenging the status quo, John Pavlovitz’s essays never fail to stretch my mind. I challenge you to read his writings and be idle.” —NJ Mvondo, founder of Multiculturalism Rocks!
John Pavlovitz is a pastor, writer, and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina. In the past four years his blog Stuff That Needs To Be Said has reached a diverse worldwide audience. A 20-year veteran in the trenches of local church ministry, John is committed to equality, diversity, and justice.

In 2017 he released his first book A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community, and his latest book Hope and Other Superpowers: A Life-Affirming, Love-Defending, Butt-Kicking, World-Saving Manifesto.

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