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The Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality

Offering quality progressive, inter-spiritual, and holistic higher education to ministers, para-ministers, church staff, and lay leaders.

The Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality (AHTS) is a progressive, inter-spiritual, and holistic based center for higher learning that works to educate and assist in the development of forward-thinking leaders.

Degree programs are designed to assist the busy religious professional by offering accessible, online courses that work around their schedules and from their location.

“The Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality represents a global and international community of learners. We utilize the latest technology available to create an online learning environment that is as socially enriching as it is academically comprehensive. We understand that the social bonds created within a cohort group are extremely important to success.”


Academic Programs

AHTS embodies three areas of study represented within their own institutes of learning:

Institute of Spiritual Direction Master (M. Th.) & Doctorate Degrees (D. Th.)

Institute of Chaplaincy 
Master (M. Th.) & Doctorate Degrees (Ch. D.)

Institute of Divinity
Master (M. Div.) & Doctorate Degrees (D. D.)

Institute of Progressive Christian Studies
Master (M. Th.) & Doctorate Degrees (D. Th.)

Each institute of AHTS provide areas of focus where students can find the educational path that best serves their goals.

Online Format:  Our accelerated online programs are designed so students can focus on one course at a time. Courses begin at the beginning of each month and run for four consecutive weeks. Courses can be taken in any order, allowing for continuous enrollment throughout the year.  After the first of the month, they can be accessed at any time.

Registration is now open. Visit Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality website

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