The Beginning of the Gospel – Sermon Video

Published on Jan 5, 2014

First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael

It is interesting how human beings keep working to have their needs met.
It is part of evolution. It is also part of what is destroying us. Greed and the injustice are tearing our environment apart. The Gospel of Mark recognizes that we have to go back to the beginning to create a new paradigm. The New Way. Not grasping for needs. There is an opportunity for us to use our lives to offer the world something of value. To give our lives to something of beauty. Trusting that the power of God that animates us and makes us whole will carry us into a beautiful future. It is hard to do. It takes enormous courage. Jesus had a vision beyond the greed, beyond the drive to a place where life is lived with generosity and creativity. Can we use our lives, our energy, our hearts to put value into the world around us?

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