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The Bible Beyond Religion: Witness to the Evolution of Consciousness

In this book, Don Murray explores the wisdom we can inherit from the Bible after Christianity has faded as a creative religious force. With consciousness becoming a focus of our contemporary search for meaning, Murray sees the Bible as a witness to the struggle of one tradition in learning how to be human and thus growing in consciousness.

From Eve’s first step in the Garden of Eden to the New Heaven and New Earth of Revelation, the biblical story recounts our long journey toward wholeness, including a vision of the way ahead. “I carry forward the abiding interest of my Scottish Presbyterian ancestors in the Bible, and its wisdom for their time, our time, and every time.”

About the Author
Donald F. Murray, B.A., M.Div., M.Th.; further training in Transactional Analysis, Education Design, Group Dynamics, The School of Sacred Psychology (Jean Houston’s Mystery School), Jungian Psychology. Don is a United Church of Canada minister, educator, workshop facilitator and author enjoying retired life with his partner Emily Kierstead in Truro, Nova Scotia. He served pastorates in the Maritimes for 32 years and as a Program Director and then Executive Director of Tatamagouche Education and Spirituality Centre for 8 years. Having awakened to the-death-of-God in the early 1960s, Don has been an avid searcher. He has authored four books, For Unbelieving Christians (1987), Celebrating Eve (2001), The Death and Resurrection of God: From Christianity to the New Story (2014), and now The Bible Beyond Religion: Witness to the Evolution of Consciousness. With Emily, he enjoys their families, eight children (two deceased) and eleven grandchildren, along with fiddle playing, singing, and a passion for the emerging Universe Story. Visit his website here.

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