The Blessing of Silence

from I Wonder...

For the mystery that enfolds us and blesses us,

For the beauty that surrounds us and nourishes us,

For the life that flows within us and among us,

For the bounty before us,

We bow.


If pressed to say a blessing

I rely on the one above,

but given a choice

I usually decline

for I know the Divine

is present in the silence.

Sharing a meal in and of itself

is a holy prayer.

Listening to life

blesses whatever is there.


Review & Commentary

  • isaias ginson

    for in the stillness is the Dancing..

  • Rob

    The Language of God is Silence

  • Connie Widdis

    Thank you for words to express the power we feel when we are silent…..

  • Carolyn

    I love this because it shows gratitude without addressing a “father figure”. Thanks for the beautiful words. I now have a blessing I can say with confidence and comfort.