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The Compass

It’s simply a magnetic pointer that swivels on a pivot
Northerly it leads us and there’s confidence we give it

Called a “compass” that points us in the right direction
But where we go needs some thoughtful consideration

Onward we move through the phases of Earthly life
Peaceful, harried, joyful, sad — maybe a bit of strife

Destination before us, based on where we want to go
A future choice-filled matter, no one can say it isn’t so

The Bible viewed as serving people like a spiritual compass
Pointing us in the direction of the divine, in and around us

Recorded ancient stories from the land of the Middle East
The yearning for God during present times did not cease

Yet God’s broad revelation isn’t just what is scripture-based
We can attune to other life experiences, no memory erased

God “speaks” many ways that point us to the Eternal Presence
Within, around, and through us, to know the Creator’s essence

Verse by Randall Wehler

Review & Commentary