The Cross: Payment or Gift? Rethinking the Death of Jesus

In The Cross, Payment or Gift?, Professor Grace Brame – theologian, pastor, international speaker, singer, and retreat leader – brings her years of study and experience to bear on what is perhaps the central Christian question: Why did Jesus die? Her answer will have nothing to do with traditional explanations of “appeasement” or “satisfaction” or “payment” or “ransom.” Rather she explores the revelatory and redemptive actions of Divine love and invites the receptivity of the reader.

“Written for lay men and women, this book will be of interest to pastors and scholars as well, to anyone with the faith and courage to rethink the
death of Jesus.”
– Dr. Henry F. French, M. Div., Ph.D.
Former Vice President for Academic Publishing, AugsburgFortress Publishers
“Grace Brame’s work … is very fine and very much needed.”
– Richard Rohr, OFM
“For a wise and insightful treatment of faith… see Grace
Adolphsen Brame’s Faith, the Yes of the Heart.”
– Marcus Borg, Ph.D.

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