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The Gospel of Science

Mind-blowing New Science on Ancient Truths to Heal Our Stress, Lives, and Planet

You may have read claims before that a book can change your life and the world. However in the opening pages of The Gospel of Science you will read comments from top experts in the fields of; Mind-Body and Personal Growth, Physics, Sociology, Economics, Government, and Theology, who after enjoying the hundreds of pages of exciting cutting edge research methodically and poetically cited in this unique book, came to the enthusiastic conclusion, that indeed–The Gospel of Science delivers on this promise.

So if you want to change your life and world in extraordinarily exciting and healthful ways, this book is a profound place to begin. The Gospel of Science is an unprecedented book on cutting edge science revealing that each of us, and humanity as a whole, are on the cusp of profound personal and global transformation. Did you know that science has discovered a technique that can increase our IQ, our creativity, or ability to learn and adapt to new information, while healing our DNA, dramatically reducing illness, depression, and anxiety, and even reversing our aging process by years? If you find that exciting, you will find a vast resource of other thrilling new science in The Gospel of Science.

What if, by enjoying all these profound benefits from this personal transformation, we were also laying the groundwork for a new world? This book makes a solid data-driven case that a world of plenty, a more calm, peaceful, and exciting world is about to unfold its petals IF, and when, we are ready to allow it into being. Knowing it can happen is the first step, and letting go of our fears of the future is a crucial part of that first step, rather replacing those fears with science-based hope for our personal and collective future. The Gospel of Science will replace your fears with faith and hope–and this is an important thing to allow at this time in human history.

The author of The Gospel of Science reveals how “self-fulfilling prophecy” is a powerful thing, so the way we see ourselves and our world now becomes vastly important to the world being created in the ether of our consciousness right now–and new science proves it. The Gospel of Science, citing voluminous emerging scientific data, leaves readers with a certainty in their answer to the most important question human beings can ask ourselves–Is the universe a friendly place? Einstein pointed out that our answer to this question is the most important answer we can give, because every action and the world we create is a result of our answer to this question. The Gospel of Science will leave you knowing that the answer to that question is an irrefutable “YES!”

The Gospel of Science is not pollyannaish about this answer, but methodically builds this conclusion over hundreds of pages of cited scientific articles, studies, and data.This unparalleled book shows scientific proof of a technique that makes us far more capable of “actualizing” the kind of life and world we seek.

Do yourself and the world a huge favor, read The Gospel of Science, and then spread that gospel in every way you can.

Michael J. Gelb, Author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
“William Douglas’s new book is a gift to the world. His intention is nothing less than helping you improve the way you do everything. Bill emphasizes that energies of loving kindness and compassion are at the core of health–personally, socially, and even economically. Highly recommended!”

David Caditz, Ph.D.; Astrophysicist, former Director Solar Vehicle Project at Stanford University …
The Gospel of Science‘s thoroughly cited research describes new ways of approaching the dynamics of human consciousness that could affect important changes for humanity …”

Dr. William M. Kirtley, President, National Social Science Association; and Professor of Government and Economics …

“Like the prophets of old, Bill Douglas calls for justice and a better way of life. His book, The Gospel of Science, prods and provokes; but, at the same time, encourages compassion and empathy. Yet, what makes this book unlike the myriad spiritual books advocating such things is that it doesn’t just appeal to the better angels of our nature, but rather makes a hard science-based convincing case that these factors are a real part of any rational equation to solving our personal or societal problems.”

Rev. Nathaniel Haaland, Hospice Chaplain …
The Gospel of Science‘s meticulous collection of new emerging scientific data proves there is something that lies beneath the best ideas of humanity, an experience that has given rise to the myriad of world religions and indeed all of human experience. Bill Douglas helps us see how easy it is for each of us, and our society and entire world to rediscover this common core of human existence. How can something so simple also be so stunningly profound?

How EXCITING! The modern world’s tendency towards despair and hopelessness seems misguided, once you read this exciting collection of scientific good news which illustrates the most effective way to improve our personal and world health, saving trillions in health costs, creating an economy where all prosper, profoundly reducing violence and war, and ending global poverty, can be done easily, cheaply, and very quickly …”

About the Author
William Douglas is the author of The Gospel of Science and 5 other books on personal and global transformation. He was the 2009 Inductee to the World Internal Arts Hall of Fame in New York. William is the Founder of World Healing Day and World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, celebrated annually in over 80 nations, and officially proclaimed by government bodies around the world. He has been a Mind-Body source for media worldwide, including: The New York Times; Wall Street Journal; BBC World Radio; Reader’s Digest; South China Morning Post; WebMD; and Prevention Magazine. He is an award winning author: “Best Fiction of the Year Award,” Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine; United States Award Winner from the AOL/Chicken Soup for the Soul Award. William teaches Meditation and Tai Chi for some of the world’s largest corporations and health networks.

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