The Hidden POWER of the Gospels

This is NOT just another book about the gospels! With a perfect blend of historical context mixed with contemporary insights, Dr. Shaia opens up the gospels in a whole new way. If you are the kind of person who is interested in opening yourself up to a deeper relationship with the Divine, treat yourself to this book.

Dr. Shaia presents a central question for each gospel based on the four communities that struggled with the Living Jesus in their midst. Four historical periods. Four communities with different concerns. Four applicable struggles for our lives today. Four paths, four seasons, a cycle of spirituality and faith.

Combining scholarly research, psychological insights and a lifetime of spiritual inquiry, Shaia has unraveled the historical contexts of the gospels, their different audiences and the big life questions that each addresses. Not just a fresh look but a revolutionary one whether one be clergy or laypersons.  Contrasting the historical Jesus with Jesus the Christ and Holy God brings Shaia’s message right into each of our lives, deeply and permanently. How we are finally transformed by our faith after confronting life’s changes, pain and joy is boldly and convincingly told by Shaia.

Review & Commentary